Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Task Number Six

AIM - Instant Messaging

This turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would. I'm a big fan of Google Chat and really enjoy it. However, each person needs their own GMail account and you can only chat with one friend at a time, so there are real drawbacks. Once I went to AIM and got my screen name, I was able to hook up with a couple of the other staff working on this project and open a multi-person chat window. We sure had a blast! And the added font styles, colors and little smily faces were a lot of fun too.

The Buddy List is very similar to the one used by GMail. You can see the screen names of the people you have selected as a "buddy" and can tell if they are on or off-line. It's a great way of knowing who you can start up a chat with!

My screen name is PVJenniferA.

Here is my confirming message:
Auto Response from PVLD2007 (3:37:23 PM): Conratulations! You have successfully sent an Instant Message. Please copy and paste this text into your blog.

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