Monday, February 19, 2007

Task Number Ten


Find me on MySpace and be my friend!


I had a MySpace account a long time ago when it first came out, but of course I couldn't remember the name or password, so I just started up a new one. Now, I'm on and ready to network! First things first though... who's this Tom guy?? It took me a minute to figure out how to get all the information I wanted on the site, and I can certainly see how you could spend hours on this. I put out a request to a few fellow 2.0ers to "be my friend" so we'll see who writes back!

Everyone on the challenge.. check your site for invites! :)

I do like the social sharing aspect of MySpace, the internal blog, the photo and video sharing, its all very cool. As with most of these though there is a serious time commitment to be made in order to be current and keep an informative site. I can see libraries making use of all these tricks to keep patrons updated on programming, new products and what not, not to mention just keeping the library name out there as a hip place to be.

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Lisa said...

Jenn, I think this is a great idea for the library -- and it has a great look. I do think the bronze cheetahs, as a primary symbol of the PV Library, should get their own page/blog...possibly even a Wiki or mash up...what do you think?